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Rent Safe


Rent Safe is a full property management service featuring our Landlord Rent Guarantee plus FREE Real Landlord Insurance cover for your property.  Benefit from our years of experience and enjoy peace of mind management at a very competitive fee.

This offer includes:

  • Our unique Landlord Rent Guarantee – we pay your rent if your tenant doesn’t – GUARANTEED.
  • FREE Landlord Insurance Cover through Real Landlord Insurance NZ
  • Full Property Management service
  • Marketing of your property
  • Strict Tenant Vetting
  • Robust Inspections
  • The reassurance of quality from our Customer Promises

All properties tenanted by The Rent Shop are required to be legally compliant to current standards and meet our good repairs and maintenance criteria. The Rent Shop reserves the right to accept/decline any Rent safe applications.

To find out more, complete the form below or contact our General Manager Tonia Allen on 021 081 77097 or by email tonia.allen@therentshop.co.nz 


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    Why Rent Safe? Protecting your future through the pandemic & beyond

     Peace of mind property management

    • If we rent your home to tenants we select – we will guarantee you get paid
    • We will pay for specific landlord Insurance for the duration of the agreement, to make sure all aspects of your property are protected.
    • We care – your investment is being well cared for, with our regular and in-depth inspections including a report and photos for you.
    • Superior marketing – High profile, quality marketing on the most popular rental listing websites (trademe.co.nz, realestate.co.nz, homes.co.nz, Bolitho.co.nz, therentshop.co.nz). Additionally, we have quality 3D virtual tour technology which show your property at its best, to potential tenants.
    • We protect your asset – Our stringent tenant selection process finds you the best quality tenants.
    • We grow your wealth and maximise your return – we identify and mitigate risks through the proactive management of your asset, including regular rent reviews.
    • Independent and experienced – we are solely focused on property management… and we do it well.
    • Expertise and knowledge you can rely on – our staff are fully trained on the current legislation and regulations applicable to the rental sector. We minimize your risk to maximize your return.
    • Customer Promises – our promises for an overall quality experience to you


    Why Choose Us?

    More Time To Care

    The Rent Shop Nelson property managers have more time to care so we can offer a comprehensive, proactive service. Generally overseeing less properties per manager than our competitors, ensures that they have the time they need to best manage your property.

    Less properties per manager

    Please discuss with us the number of properties each of our managers look after, the comprehensive support they receive and the processes we undertake. We are confident our ratios allow our managers to carry out their roles to a higher standard as they do have the time to follow up on the smaller details that reduce wear and tear on properties. Our ratios allow us to take a highly proactive approach to Property Management, continually looking to identify and resolve small issues so they don’t spiral out of control. This helps us ensure your property is well cared for with happy tenants, who in turn look after your property.

    If you are looking for professionals with the time to care and dedication to professional service you have found us!

    “Just a note to say thanks to all the Team at The Rent Shop Nelson (formerly Bolitho) for the excellent, professional manner in which my property at Frenchay Drive has been managed. As any owner would tell you their property is probably their biggest asset so having a professional team managing it is so important. Being a new build with the initial intentions of moving in myself in a couple of years I was a little hesitant to rent it out but I was assured that the right tenants would be found. Sure enough excellent tenants were found and they have treated the property as they would their own leaving it in immaculate condition. A big thank you for managing the property with excellent inspection reports, numerous photos, and the immediate following up of any maintenance issues that may have been required. Whilst not living in Nelson it is very reassuring to receive these updates on a regular basis.”

    Regards, Paul Del Favero”

    “A very friendly team , easy to contact and very efficient service provided for protecting our investment with property.  The Rent Shop is local and friendly to approach and complete business with . Many compliance checks conducted by excellent staff are very clear and precise, which is peace of mind for our investment . Even smooth updates during COVID lock down was so appreciated regarding the property. What a great team effort provided by Rent Shop Nelson team.”    Steve Johnson & Murray Hart

    “The Rent Shop is reliable, thorough and professional.  They act well within the law for tenant and landlord alike.” Robin & Cheryll Davis

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      Why Choose Us?

      Proactive Meth Testing

      Methamphetamine: Protect your rental investment with The Rent Shop Nelson

      The Rent Shop Nelson offers comprehensive Methamphetamine (Meth, ‘P’) risk management  and strongly recommends baseline testing to protect our owners and their properties.

      The Rent Shop Nelson offers comprehensive methamphetamine risk management for rental property owners. Methamphetamine use is causing damage – not only for users and their families but for landlords and tenants where meth has contaminated rental properties. At The Rent Shop Nelsonwe are determined to do everything we can to protect both our owners and our tenants.

      What is the risk for property management in Nelson?

      Meth has become a significant risk to rental homes in Nelson. This creates multiple issues for home owners, the risk of financial loss from contamination, the risk to health of future occupants and problems arising from the destructive and anti-social behavior associated with Meth use. Should a new tenant move in to a contaminated property they are at risk of respiratory and other health problems.

      What is The Rent Shop’s solution to the ‘P’ problem for Nelson rental property investors?

      The Rent Shop Nelson believes it is our responsibility to do everything possible to protect our owners’ assets. Additionally we have a responsibility to protect the tenants that occupy our owners’ homes from any effects of contamination on their health and well being, and our owners from potential litigation from tenants, should there be contamination. The Rent Shop Nelson has formed a working partnership with Meth Screen and Meth Solutions to create a Comprehensive Methamphetamine Risk Management Process for our property owners and tenants.

      1. Meth Management Training.

      Staff at The Rent Shop Nelson have undergone extensive training in Meth management. We know what to look for during property inspections, and our screening process for prospective tenants has a section targeted to identify high risk candidates.

      2. We Advertise your home as being Meth tested.

      This has dual benefits:

      • We have found that there is a higher demand from quality tenants for our meth tested homes because they are clean and safe family homes. Tenants know the house is free from contamination and know they cannot be blamed for any prior contamination.
      • This advertising acts as a strong deterrent to stop Meth users with their associated disruptive behavior applying for our properties. They know renting through us is not in their interest as there will be consequences as a result of any Meth contamination at the property.
      3. Strong Tenancy Agreements

      We have included appropriate clauses in our tenancy agreements that protect the owner and provide us the legal means to expedite a termination of tenancy (within the boundaries of the Residential Tenancies Act) should there be just cause to suspect manufacture or use of P on the property.

      4. Baseline Testing for your property.

      We encourage every owner to have their property baseline tested at the beginning and end of each tenancy. This not only serves as a deterrent to P users, it allows us to hold them accountable for any change in Meth levels at the property. For tenants moving into a property that has been meth tested first, there is no risk to them or their family of being exposed to the residues of Meth. Without a Meth test at the beginning of the tenancy insurance companies may not cover remediation costs.



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        Why Choose Us?

        Details Matter

        Attending to small things means they don’t grow into large things!

        Our Property Managers have the time and the commitment to attend to the small details and follow through. Because we expect that properties be kept to the same standard we expect in our own homes we make sure that we have the time to invest. For instance, if we notice condensation on windows in winter we can coach tenants on how to best address this and provide written resources to reinforce the methods. At the next inspection we can confirm that necessary steps to prevent mould are being taken and continue with any further coaching or provide positive feedback. In this example the life of curtains and paintwork is extended, saving the property owner on maintenance and ensuring the house continues to attract quality tenants. The health of the tenants is protected, they and future tenants continue to enjoy a well maintained property. By noticing and following through on the details we limit bigger problems and look after your property as if it were our own.

        “I’ve been with The Rent Shop for the last 4 years and all I can say is that never once have they let me down. The satff are very honest, reliable and efficient. I’ll miss you and I appreciate all that you have done working along side me in meeting my landlord expectations. The team are very professional, communication via phone and emails are fantastic always giving outstanding service. Well done and great job. Keep it up team”

        -Fauziah Abu-Bakar 

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          Why Choose Us?

          Tenant selection

          The Rent Shop Nelson’s tenant selection process is exhaustive, detailed and discerning.

          Our Procedure

          The Rent Shop Nelson aim to match the best tenants for your rental property.

          This is more than simply a matter of good versus bad. It’s about assessing prospective tenants under a number of criteria, including historical data, financial position, stability and potential risk factors. 

          We look for people that have proven they hold themselves to a high standard, particularly in the areas of cleanliness, tidiness, honesty, and reliability. They must also have the financial ability to maintain the rent long term so we look at income to rent ratio.

          These thorough background searches gives us a real in-depth idea of the prospective tenants’ character and background meaning we can make a truly informed decision about who to trust with your asset.

          Tenant Selection Procedure

          One of The Rent Shop’s strengths is our extensive tenant selection process. This is one of the most important parts of property management; if a poor tenant is selected that’s where the problems start. We consider all occupants, not just the person on the tenancy agreement.

          Four stages of the tenancy selection process
          1. Tenant fills in a Tenancy application form with privacy waiver.
          2. All information provided in the application is verified and tenants are subjected to a rigorous credit and background check.
          3. Every occupant listed must pass the application process with flying colours.
          4. Solvency test – tenant must be able to come up with 4 weeks bond and 1 week bond in cash.We don’t accept bond transfers to ensure the owner has maximum security.

          Below are some of the rigorous checks that we put potential tenants through in order to protect your income and your home.


          • Confirm identification (Driver’s License or Passport)
          • Confirm date of birth
          • Confirm the tenants residency status

          Landlord reference

          We verify landlords as authentic and ask them to tell us about the applicant.

          • Is the rent always paid on time?
          • Will the bond be refunded?
          • Any damage?
          • Was the inside kept clean?
          • Was the outside kept in good condition?
          • Any issues with noise or neighbours?
          • Are they smokers?
          • Any issues with drugs or alcohol?
          • Do they have pets?
          • Are they responsible?
          • Would you rent to them again?

          Character reference

          We ask them to tell us about the applicant.

          • Criminal Record?
          • Do they keep the house clean and tidy?
          • Is the outside kept in good condition?
          • How long have you known them?
          • Have they lied to Bolitho in any area?

          Credit check

          • Confirm previous address
          • Have they moved houses regularly?
          • Verify driver’s license
          • Any collections or defaults?
          • Credit rating must be higher than 300
          • Bankruptcy or no-asset proceeding in the last five years

          Employment reference

          • Is the employment permanent?
          • What is the length of employment
          • Is there enough income for the rent to be sustainable?
          • Are there drug or alcohol problems?
          • Are they a responsible employee?

          Subscription search engines

          We conduct a search that includes information on the following…

          • LinkedIn profile
          • Facebook
          • Google
          • Tenancy Tribunal search
          • Court Judgements
          • Search local and national newspapers
          • Search TVNZ
          • Company Register
          • Sensible Sentencing Trust
          • Properties owned by tenant
          • Publicly available New Zealand Police records
          • Publicly available New Zealand Parole Board records

          Every tenant is different, with their own set of circumstances. With full disclosure of any potential stumbling blocks, we can make a better judgement of a tenant’s overall character and suitability. If during the application process, if flags are raised, like an attempt to hide an important piece of information or providing a false referee, this usually is a sign of things not being right.

          For each rental agreement, the tenant is approved by both the property manager and a senior manager. This is beneficial as a second person looking at the application can ask questions and delve deeper, thereby presenting a second opinion. It’s about looking at all the factors involved and weighing up the pros and cons. If there are doubts, then we will not take a risk.

          “The Rent Shop Nelson (formerly Bolitho Property Management) is a top team – professionals in every way.  We have trusted them with our Nelson investment for several years, We have never been disappointed. THANK YOU Terry and the team.”   Cherie & Colin Woodhouse

          “We’ve used the Rent Shop for 5-6 years to manage our investment property.  During that time they have kept the home rented without any empty periods. They can be relied upon to ensure regular maintenance is carried out as required, and any repairs are addressed promptly with well-sourced and reliable tradespeople.  Staff are friendly and always respond quikly to questions.” Trustees of Jandy Super Trust

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            Why Choose Us?


            We don’t sell houses, we are not a franchise, we are a fully independent family owned business. The effective management of rental properties is our sole focus.

            We are an independent company and specialise in property management. 100% of our focus is on providing the owners of the properties we manage with a higher success, low stress, professional service.

            We have no incentive to encourage you to sell your property. We believe that is your decision to make and our responsibility to you is to successfully manage your property to help you achieve your goals. Our property managers do not receive commissions for referring your property to a sales agent. We are not a side business for a sales agency, we are specialists in the Nelson Tasman rental market. 

            For us, the benefit of being independent is that we can develop and act according to our own Philosophy rather than being dictated to by a head office. Our philosophy is: 

            Meaningful Relationships

            Providing a valuable service

            Delivered with honesty and integrity

            “Absolutely wonderful service from this company. The staff are friendly. The way they communicate with us via email is excellent. We live in Thailand and have full confidence that our property is in good hands back in Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand.”

            Paul and Ruth Shelling

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              Why Choose Us?

              Comprehensive Inspections

              The Rent Shop Nelson’s detail focused approach starts the minute we inspect your property – it is designed to help you relax knowing your property is in great hands.

              During any home inspection it’s vital that nothing is overlooked. We make sure that every last element is recorded in an in-going inspection that forms a picture of the properties condition at that time. Your tenant will receive these photos by email so there is no misunderstanding later. We can then compare against this and ensure your property is maintained to the highest standard throughout.

              On a routine inspection we will take photos focusing on the big things; the general condition of the rooms, the wet areas, the exterior and landscape. We will provide you with a report showing the standard of care the tenant is taking, any maintenance issues and steps requested of the tenant. We will follow up on any tasks required of the tenant and show the completion or progress with a subsequent report.   Our job is to make sure your property is being cared for and kept in good condition– we take this responsibility very seriously.

                “The Rent Shop do a great job with their property inspections and looking after us (the landlord) and our tenant. Their reports are detailed and their photos allow us to see exactly the condition our property is kept in. They are prompt with their communication and answer any queries very quickly. We know that our property and our tenant are in good hands. We highly recommend The Rent Shop and would like to say thanks to our property manager.”

              – Dene Lollback

              “We would like to thank your Firm and Staff for the way you are looking after our property. The thorough reports tell us how well things are working out. When we read the horror stories on rental properties, we are very grateful to have the services of your Firm.

              -John and Glenda

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                Why Choose Us?


                View our competitive fees for our premium service.

                Property Management Fees

                The Rent Shop Nelson offers a full property management service – Rent Safe – with an easy to understand competitive fee structure.  All new managements include our Landlord Rent Guarantee & FREE landlord insurance cover.  Alternatively, if you already have landlord insurance in place and would like to find out more about our ‘All-Inclusive’ rates, please do get in touch.

                Please contact our Business Development Manager on 022 639 2620 or email at nelsonrentals@therentshop.co.nz to find out more.

                Why Choose Us?


                While profit is important to The Rent Shop Nelson to make our business sustainable we believe that if we live out our values and act with honesty and integrity then profits will be enduring. We are not interested in short term profit that will not be sustainable. Our foundational values are honesty and integrity.


                Our communications with our landlords, tenants and everyone we deal with must be transparent, honest, accurate, not exaggerating or concealing the truth. We need to do what we say we will do within the agreed time frame.


                At The Rent Shop Nelson we expect all staff members to maintain a high level of personal integrity and honesty in all their business dealings. It’s what you do when no one is looking that counts. Integrity in a business comes from the top down so this must be modelled and lived out by the owners of The Rent Shop Nelson. We choose to do the right thing; it’s either right or wrong, no in between. In particular we comply with the Residential Tenancies Act and other New Zealand legislation. We endeavour to put our stake holders before ourselves. We prioritise stakeholders in the following manner; property owners, the well-being of our staff, tenants, contractors and then ourselves, the business owners. Our philosophy is that if we put others before ourselves this will create goodwill and a good reputation.


                We honour and respect all people by acting in a fair and reasonable manner towards them and guarding their privacy. We will not discriminate on the basis of gender, marital status, religion, race, national origin or sexual orientation.

                How these values influence our day to day operations

                We pay contractor accounts every Wednesday (as opposed to paying on the 20th of the month following) as we believe that this is part of respecting them and the work they do. The Rent Shop Nelson, its owners and family members do not receive any commission or benefit from any contractors that we instruct to carry out work on behalf of property owners. All our landlords’ funds are kept in a trust account separate to our company operating account. We don’t receive any interest from the trust account as we believe all profit gained from your property investment belongs to you and we should not benefit from it. We disburse on the first working day of each new month and for each disbursement we include an explanation and invoices for any costs incurred as well as completing an audit trail. We take responsibility for our actions. If we make a mistake we take ownership of that mistake and put it right, whether that requires compensation or additional work at no charge.

                Community Support

                The Rent Shop Nelson has been supporters of the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter. They provide an incredibly valuable service to our region. Many of us have family and friends who have been helped in their time of need. This community has shown fantastic support for The Rent Shop Nelson so we are very happy to give something back to our community by supporting the work of the Rescue Helicopter.

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