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One of the first things you want to know when considering letting a property that you either own, or are purchasing, is what rental level that property could achieve.  Here at The Rent Shop Nelson, our Business Development Manager can answer all those questions you have.  Whether you are letting a home for the first time, or are a seasoned property investor we can help. 

Julian can provide you with a free no-obligation rental appraisal of your property.  This will help you with your investment decision making process.  A rental appraisal is completed by comparing your home with similar properties currently available to let, or recently rented.  This ensures that the appraisal range reflects the up to date market conditions.

We can provide you with a desktop appraisal if you are considering buying (or access to the property is inconvenient).  Alternatively, our Business Development Manager can meet you at the property, to better understand the condition and location.  He will also provide feedback about compliance with current regulations. 

The rental market in Nelson is very much driven by the forces of supply and demand at the time the property is let.  With some seasonal differences too, we’re happy to share our expertise and knowledge to help you maximize the return on your investment. 

Its as simple as emailing us or phoning our General Manager Tonia Allen on 021 081 77097

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