Information for Tenants
Book a viewing

Viewings are booked online only from the properties page. If none are scheduled you can email a message and you will be informed when some are planned.

Long term leases

We offer long term (approx. one year) leases. Very occasionally will a property be offered for less. This gives you security but also a commitment that you must consider. You can’t simply hand in notice before the lease expires.


We don’t rent to flatmate situations sorry – we need everyone there to have applied and be responsible. Adult groups (i.e. two friends) can apply (each person applies individually) and we will discuss with property owner.


Are online only. You’ll see an Apply Online Now button on each listing on our website. We need individual applications for each adult occupant and you’ll need references or have been a home owner. You will need a good credit rating and great references.


Owners decide whether pets are possible and we follow their wishes. If a pet might be allowed it must be a mature pet that has a proven track record.

When you rent with us…


Our phone number goes to a 24 hour call care service so if there is a genuine emergency that needs a tradesperson called out after hours they can help you.

Our property managers are not available after hours – they need time off.


We ensure properties are given to you very very clean and expect it to be returned in the same state. We have a detailed list of requirements to guide you.