1st June 2018

Now the dust has had a couples of days to settle maybe it’s a good time to take stock of what this new report means right now.

Dr Gluckman’s report into safe levels of Meth contamination has certainly caused some controversy but also a lot of confusion and a huge lack of clarity.

But actually, in terms of managing your property and safe guarding against loss, nothing has actually changed. The NZ standard remains and no changes to policy have been indicated by insurers. This might change of course and Housing Minister Phil Twyford has said that he will look at incorporating any changes into the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (No 2), soon to have its second reading in the House and approximately one year away for enactment.

So right now we still recommend meth management for your property and the safety of your tenants, and we will keep abreast of changes.

More information:

The NZ standard (NZS 8510: 2017) of 1.5 mcg/100cm2 remains in place and is in line with the Ministry of Health’s guideline of 1.5 mcg for carpeted houses where the drug has only been used.

These are in keeping with the work done by Dr Jackie Wright, director of Environmental Risk Sciences in Australia, where the Government has set the safe level at 0.5 mcg, and the USA, where levels range from 0.05 to 1.5 mcg /100cm².


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